Join the worldwide Control Group Cooperative, and help shape your future wellbeing.

For people who take responsibility for their own health and that of their fellow humans; by allowing their health choices and subsequent outcomes to be anonymously studied so we can learn what is truly safe and effective.
Covid Vaccine Study

Our C-19 Vaccine study is open to all regardless of the number of vaccinations you have recieved, so we can truly understand the long-term outcomes.

The Health Card

Your Health Card is an 'in case of emergency' card, it enables paramedics instant access to important medical information about you and your medical choices.

Your Health

During the last few years, many of us have learned a lot more about health, science and medicine than we knew before, and consequently, we have become more interested in what keeps us healthy, as well as understanding that there are many more options than just pharmaceutical treatments that can make us better when we do succumb to dis-ease.

The medical system has a vested interest in us remaining medically uneducated so they can sell us profitable cures, which creates inevitable bias against natural treatments, less profitable pharmaceuticals and unincentivized medications that may be safe and efficacious.

This is why we believe it is vital that anyone who wants to take ownership of their health, learns as much as they can about the way their body works and the effects of nutrition, the environment and our emotional wellbeing on our health outcomes.

It is through taking ownership of our health individually and as a worldwide community, that we will become stronger, healthier and sovereign.


Your Data

Your anonymized data forms the international Control Group database. By contributing your data to this important pool of health information, you are helping us to build an independent source of information about our health and the impact we are having on it.

We are a worldwide, platform cooperative funded by its own members, which means there is a genuine interest in unbiased outcomes. We are not funded by corporations looking to approve or make profit from a product. When any researchers use our data to write papers and reports, we will ensure the (highly anonymized) source data is available for review – which will ensure results can be verified.

Scientists, doctors and researchers will be able to access your anonymized health outcomes so they can publish reports and papers on it. This data will not have personal contact or identifying information attached to it.

As we develop this system, we will be building a dashboard analysis tool that will allow all users of the database to be able to view and interact with the data themselves. Providing insights and knowledge to empower you to make truly informed decisions when it comes to your health.

We believe it is important that we all re-connect with our human bodies; what makes them work and what impedes them. Our health outcomes, recorded and analysed outside of a financially incentivized, biased system, will help us to look at what the life we live, is doing to us all.

Your Choice

When we are given a choice, we base it on the information available to us at the time. However, more than ever before, we are learning that information from previously trusted sources is misrepresented, biased and sometimes, just completely wrong.

Many of us are finding this particularly true for the food we consume, the treatments prescribed to us and the new technologies around us.

This is why we started the Control Group and why we are creating a resource of health outcome data that is completely independent, unbiased and backed by its source data.

Being a member of the Control Group Cooperative health study is a really simple thing that you and your family can do each month that really will make a difference.

This is the data we will trust when we make health decisions for ourselves and our children.

But it depends entirely on all of us to build a brand-new bank of information that tells the story of us. It takes trust to build trust, and that is what we are doing, together.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Control Group Cooperative is membership organization.

Our mission is to support your right to make health choices based on fully-informed consent.

The Control Group was set up to record the self-reported, anonymized, long-term health outcomes of people who voluntarily chose not to take any Covid-19 injection. We have since expanded to include our own comparative group of people who took any number of Covid injections.

Our database is designed in such a way that we could provide a voluntary control group for: future vaccination programs, existing drugs and health supplements and environmental factors.


Your fully anonymized health data forms the international Control Group database. This health-outcome data is studied by approved scientists and independent researchers looking for trends in health, disease, treatment outcomes and environmental impact. Participants of the database will soon be able to view data trends for themselves.


Control Group is a cooperative and as such, is funded by its participants - not by universities, products or pharmaceutical giants, which means we are, and will remain completely independent.


Anyone in any country can join the Control Group - you can join as an individual, as a family, or as a household - including relatives who live with you.

It is never too late to join - we plan to record the health outcomes of several generations.


Our study is serious and its outcomes could effect societal change, so it is vital that when you sign up, you commit to entering your health data every month – it may be that you have nothing to report, so you can simply select 'Nothing to Report' and you are done for the month. If you have a medical condition or event, then we ask that you enter details of that.

We know we are asking a lot from you, but how else will we get to the truth?

This is for you, your future and our children's future.

Here are just a few:
  • You will be contributing to the future of transparent, unbiased research into the true safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections and potentially, any other treatment or product that is taken or may be mandated.
  • You become part of a international community of like-minded, health and solutions-focused community, with community events, supportive zooms, social media platforms and strong connections to other organisations building the 'new health paradigm'.
  • Taking responsibility for your health.
  • Access to a World Council for Health endorsed certificate, official letter of participation and digital membership card, which many of our participants have found incredibly useful during this time of restrictive governance
  • Exclusive discounts from our many partners and affiliates.

Scientific Committee

It is a principled obligation of any research to have qualified individuals who are not part of the research team to review and approve the study for ethical conduct. Control Group Cooperative Ltd have recruited their own independent Scientific Committee, with members of varying experiences and expertise and with differing views on the study subject. The Committee are responsible for ensuring the rights of the participants entering into the study are upheld and protected by evaluating the study protocol.

Working Together

Only by embracing change and working alongside others who share our vision, can we hope to shape the future and create the world we want to live in, and the legacy we want to leave our children.