Privacy Policy - Privacy Matters

Welcome to a website where we actually truly do value your privacy. Privacy for us is serious business!!. That's why you will find we have one of the most simplistic privacy policies you will likely find anywhere online.

Whilst we are collecting information pertinent to the purposes of the Vax Control Group, we are limiting our request for information to only data relevant for this purpose.

We do not request your Name or specific address information, unless it is for delivery of merchandise, in which circumstances the information held is separate to the information logged within the Vax Control Group Database.

We defend your privacy by saying no to Google analytics, Facebook tracking dots and other such data harvesting services.

The information provided you provide as part of this study will be shared with third parties for comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated parties. Science requires a control group, otherwise no meaningful assessment can be achieved.

We will never share your email address with anyone unconnected with this project, but we may contact you on behalf of third parties should they request further information to help in assessment of vaccine efficacy or lack thereof.

We may also email you to request update of your record in order to maintain and improve our reporting capabilities, but we will never spam you. Be assured your email address will not be used for any marketing purposes outside of the scope or ethos of this project.

Please remember you are ultimately responsible for your own data privacy and therefore only ever provide information that you are happy to share.