Control Group Covid Vaccine Study

An international observational study to determine the safety of all Covid-19 vaccines.
The Control Group is a cooperative, led by its members to capture worldwide health outcomes after the mass population vaccination programmes.

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What is a Control group and why is it needed?

The SARS-CoV-2 vaccines were rushed out under emergency use authorization, using novel technology without any long-term testing. The original control group for this experimental treatment was unblinded only a couple of months into the trial and its participants offered the vaccines, which the vast majority took. Therefore, there is no longer an official control group. Science demands that every experimental treatment must have a control group in order to properly evaluate its long-term success and efficacy.

Our study participants have come together to positively contribute their data to the Control Group Cooperative study in order to become the missing control group.

And now we are welcoming participants who have had any number of Covid vaccines to record their health outcomes, both for comparison with our unvaccinated control group, and as a safe and secure place to record any negative effects they may have suffered.

Scientific Committee

It is a principled obligation of any research to have qualified individuals who are not part of the research team to review and approve the study for ethical conduct. Control Group Cooperative Ltd have recruited their own independent Scientific Committee, with members of varying experiences and expertise and with differing views on the study subject. The Committee are responsible for ensuring the rights of the participants entering into the study are upheld and protected by evaluating the study protocol.

What data are we collecting and how is it secured?

We are collecting vital health information along with demographic data for researchers and scientists to analyse and report on.

This includes:

  • Health Conditions
  • Vaccination History
  • Surgeries and Procedures
  • Medication & Supplements
  • Allergies
  • Blood Test Results
  • Scans and Investigations
  • Diet
  • Pregnancy Outcomes
  • Changes in Menstruation
  • Personal Details (height, weight, age, biological sex etc..)

Your data will be anonymised into an analytical data warehouse, which we will make available to selected, independent scientists and researchers. The published results of their reports will be made available to the public, governments and media.

We also plan to leverage this analytical warehouse so that our own community can investigate and learn from their cumulative data; arming us with knowledge about our own health, so we can all make informed decisions for ourselves and our families.

Identity protection is extremely important to the Control Group and we have worked extensively to build an IT infrastructure designed from the ground up to decentralise all personal account information from the health data that our participants enter.

The data is stored across multiple data repositories, and encrypted at rest with additional layers of encryption on key meta data that is only available via our API, which has the ability to synchronise the health data to the participant.

What have we learnt so far?

The first study paper from our unvaccinated cohort was authored by Dr Robert Verkerk PhD et al, and published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research in August 2022.

This initial peer reviewed paper:

  • Suggests there was no adequate basis to show that those who chose to remain unvaccinated had inflicted a disproportionate burden on our health systems
  • Concluded there was no robust scientific evidence to suggest the Covid-19 unvaccinated placed the Covid-19 vaccinated at disproportionately greater risk.
  • Highlighted that our unvaccinated cohort prioritized self-care and faced low rates of hospitalization, but were subject to a considerable mental health burden.
  • suggest the Covid-19 unvaccinated were exposed to risks from the vaccinated, which was especially noted amongst women of reproductive age.
  • Concludes that, 'It should be of considerable concern to those responsible for COVID-19 health policies, that essential workers, such as teachers, nurses, and care workers, have been among the most impacted by job losses that result from “unvaccinated” status.''

You can read the full paper by downloading a copy of the report here

How can I get involved and what does it cost?

Participation in the Control Group Study is free of charge and open to anyone regardless of their vaccination status.

Participants are encouraged to become subscribing Associates of the Control Group Cooperative to ensure its continuation and success. Monthly subscriptions start at just £6, with further options of £10 and £15 for those who wish to support us at a higher level.

To get involved, simply click the Join in button below, create an account and start entering your data. You can add your family members to your account and everyone is welcome to join our caring community and regular, informative community events.

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