Join the worldwide, independent health-outcome study and shape the future of wellbeing.

By contributing anonymised data about your health and lifestyle choices, you will be helping to establish the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, like the COVID-19 vaccine.

Welcome to the Control Group

The Control Group is an independent, observational health outcomes study working outside of the corporate medical establishment to gain vital insights into the emerging patterns of disease in the post-pandemic era. Participants in the survey are part of a worldwide community who volunteer their health data on an ongoing basis. This data is anonymised and made available to researchers who share our community’s ethos: people before profit.

Those who support the Control Group are sceptical of the ‘Big’ industries, and the impact they are having upon our health and wellbeing. Participants choose to work with us because we reject a profit-driven healthcare system, and defend every person’s right to the freedom of choice and bodily autonomy.

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Membership Cards

Control Group members gain free and exclusive access to our unique, digital, participant ID and ICE cards. These cards demonstrate that you are a member of the Control Group and help you to assert your right to bodily autonomy. You can choose to help fund the running of the Control Group by becoming an Associate member. This enables you to order physical copies of your digital cards to carry with you wherever you go.

Covid Vaccine Study

The Vaccine Study Card demonstrates you are a participant in the worldwide survey and a member of an important community.

Existing participants have used their cards to continue to live a normal life during the pandemic era.

The Health Card

The Health Card is an 'In Case of Emergency' (ICE) card.

First responders can scan the QR code to view your chosen medical information, including your emergency contacts and any advanced medical decisions you may have made.

What do our members have to say about us?

Your Health

The pandemic era has shown the extent to which the public have - and continue to be - let down and experimented on by a corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

Health needs to be in the hands of the people, not those who seek to over-medicalise and profit from disease. We begin by reclaiming our health records and reasserting our right to informed consent.

The Control Group was established to start this process.

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Your Data

The Control Group is asking for health information in order to provide insights into how health has changed since the start of the pandemic. By contributing anonymised data about your wellbeing and lifestyle choices, you will be helping to establish the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, like the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our insights will provide a window into - what appears to be - the rise in serious health conditions around the world, and help identify the causes that may lie behind them.

It is time to demand accountability from those in charge of Public Health.

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Your Choice

Feelings of betrayal towards 'Big Pharma' are high which is why the Control Group is working outside the medical establishment. The Control Group is solely owned and funded by its members, meaning that any insights produced are unbiased by corporate greed.

You control the information you put into the database, and the Control Group commits to never selling on your data.

Health is for all us - it's time to take back control.

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Scientific Committee

Any research project involving participants is obligated to have a team of non-partisan individuals attached to review and approve the project’s methodology and ethical conduct. Control Group Cooperative Ltd. has its own independent Scientific Committee whose members represent a cross-section of the medical and health establishment, with differing expertise, experience, and differing views on the subject(s) being studied. The Scientific Committee are responsible for ensuring the rights of the participants entering into the study are upheld and protected by regularly evaluating the study's protocol.

Working Together

Only by embracing change and working alongside others who share our vision, can we hope to shape the future and create the world we want to live in, and the legacy we want to leave our children.